For me it’s about capturing the moment. There is something beautiful about an emotion being caught in a photograph, a second in time frozen. I’ve chosen to take adventures and dive into an artist lifestyle. My feed allows people to come along on my journey and connect with those frozen moments.


Oliwia Major | 21.02.1986


2011—2013 Cracow School of Art and Design
visual merchandising
Cracow, Poland

2005—2010 Academy of Fine Arts
department of graphic design | editorial design, supported by department of photography
Katowice, Poland

2006—2007 North Wales School of Art and Design
Wrexham, United Kingdom


— “Bytom S. A.”, visual merchandiser, Cracow, Poland
— “Xsara”, graphic designer and photographer, Cracow, Poland
— “Don’t Panic”, graphic designer and photographer, Manchester, United Kingdom
— “Zara UK”, display designer, Chester, United Kingdom


— Finalist of “Tote illustration competition”, spell & the gypsy collective, 2014
— Best diploma, Cracow School of Art and Fashion Design, 2013
— Best graduation projects , Academy of Fine Arts, 2006